Foxhole Armament is an outdoor sporting goods company located in Harlan, Iowa, which is about 45 minutes East of Omaha, Nebraska.  We offer firearms, suppressors, and other NFA items through our own FFL, Patriots Choice Protection.  Our deep-rooted appreciation and desire for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and shooting has put us in a unique position to more accurately understand the needs of our clients.  All products you’ll find a Foxhole Armament are the same products we use and rely on.

Your time is valuable.  Let us do the research and product testing on your behalf so you can focus your energy elsewhere.  Whether it’s suppressors, thermals, lever-action rifles or electronic game callers, we live and breathe it.

Our experience at Foxhole Armament ranges from US Marine Corps, law enforcement, and life-long hunters.  We greatly appreciate and support our military, law enforcement, and first responders.  If you have questions or would like proposals for your unit or agency, please contact us at or call (712) 254-8746.  Thank you!

We appreciate your business and support!

--James Sheehan and Connor Sharp